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White Paper; Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Precious Metal Recovery

This white paper discusses how Gannon & Scott is advancing PM recovery with
 a thermal reduction system that uses a state-of-the art pollution control process. It can efficiently recover PMs from even low percentage hazardous and non-hazardous materials converting them into a marketable PM bearing commodity with minimal environmental impact. The pollution control process scrubs exhaust streams and prevents the formation of hazardous byproducts in a multistage, comprehensive system.

To read the White Paper, Click Here and fill out a request, the pdf will be available for viewing and download after submission. 

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In today’s ever-changing precious metals market financial capability is a critical element in long-term stability and global market strength.

We maintain direct relationships with several worldwide market makers including our primary financier, Bank of Nova Scotia and its ScotiaMocatta operation, a leader in the global precious metals industry.

We have a longstanding relationship (over 50 years) with our dollar and cash management banking institution, the country’s largest.

These relationships enable us to offer a variety of settlement options including advances and early settlements, account credits, metal transfers with third parties and physical delivery.

Effective cash management enables Gannon & Scott to pay promptly – no delays or excuses. Regardless of the payment cycle terms, we believe that Gannon & Scott offers unparalleled bottom line yields.


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