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23 June 2014 17:21
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Gannon & Scott Phoenix has recently completed three projects to expand its production capacity in all of the sampling and refining circuits.

 The first project was the addition of a third thermal reduction furnace. The Phoenix plant already operates the largest precious metal thermal reduction plant west of the Mississippi and potentially the largest in the United States. The design configuration of the new furnace also carries the added benefit in its ability to handle a broadly diverse product feedstock as well as accommodate varying customer lot sizes. The new furnace has been coupled to the plants existing pollution control system which is also considered well ahead of the industry standards.  From precious metal bearing liquids and sludges to highly combustible electronic scrap, be it small to very large lots, this addition to our already robust capacity means we will continue as a leader in this market for a very long time.  
The second expansion project took place in the chemical stripping department where the department has tripled its number of process tanks and revamped the material handling of the entire line which included an overhead hoist and custom tray system.
Lastly, the foundry has increased its capacity with the addition of a new 1200 pound induction melt furnace powered by a highly efficient 250 kw power supply. The foundry’s largest induction furnace prior to this addition was 650 lbs. which translates into a nearly doubling the batch capacity.
All of these expansion projects have already served us well to meet our customers growing expectations and will continue to ensure our position as a frontrunner in the precious metal reclamation and refining industry.