Sustainable Precious Metal Refining

Gannon & Scott is the leader in our industry in its commitment to sustainable precious metal recovery and refining. By definition, secondary precious metal refining is a recycling activity that preserves and protects natural resources. But for us sustainability means so much more. It means protection of the environment by operating all our plants as "zero discharge" facilities and utilizing the most comprehensive and advanced pollution control systems. It also means being committed to generating renewable energy for a smaller carbon footprint and valuing positive corporate social responsibilities.


White Paper;Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Precious Metal Recovery

This white paper discusses how Gannon & Scott is advancing PM recovery with a thermal reduction system that uses a state-of-the art pollution control process. It can efficiently recover PMs from even low percentage hazardous and non-hazardous materials converting them into a marketable PM bearing commodity with minimal environmental impact. The pollution control process scrubs exhaust streams and prevents the formation of hazardous byproducts in a multistage, comprehensive system.

To read the White Paper, Click Here and fill out a request, the pdf will be available for viewing and download after submission. 

Or if you are interested the Tru3Tec™ Data Sheet

Solar Energy


In 2014 Gannon & Scott commissioned its solar energy array located at our Cranston RI Headquarters.
The 1,375 panel, 405 kW direct-to-grid renewable energy system is capable of generating 463,827 kWh/yr and is the equivalent to the annual power usage of about 60 average homes.   

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Green Manufacturing Award

Gannon & Scott is proud to have been the recipient of the Green Manufacturing Excellence Award from the Providence Business News for our continued commitment to green sustainable business practices.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Gannon & Scott, we believe corporate responsibility establishes a new framework for how companies that want to lead should operate, innovate and communicate with stakeholders, whether they're friends or critics. They include increased customer satisfaction, management of risk, respect, and the creation of additional value for our company.

Gannon & Scott remains committed to maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of our business. The underlying focus of our commitment is our goal of meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

Supply Chain Responsible Sourcing

Gannon & Scott is fully committed to the concept of responsible sourcing of metals. We have a corporate policy that reflects this commitment. Please click Here for a copy of our policy. 

Customer Commitment

At Gannon & Scott, we believe that trust is the fundamental condition by which all business is conducted. Our #1 priority has been and continues to be our customers. Our corporate commitment is to be transparent and honest at all times with our customers in hopes of building and maintaining trust through the duration of the business relationship. We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers in each and every transaction. When customers do business with us, they can be confident that they are working with a productive and reliable partner. 

  • Gannon & Scott affirms that your quoted rates are transparent and all-inclusive

  • We offer prompt, courteous, and thorough after-sales service to our clients

  • Only established and recognized market prices are the basis for your settlements

  • We maintain the highest standards of client confidentiality

  • Gannon & Scott will recommend the most cost effective and efficient refining process to maximize the precious metal recovery from your material

  • Your material is processed in an environmentally responsible manner

Employee Commitment

There is no greater asset to Gannon & Scott than our employees. We strive to provide an environment that fosters the growth of all employees, allowing them to cultivate their careers. Our commitment to our employees is expressed by our Guiding Principles. In order to attract, retain and develop our employees at all levels, Gannon & Scott promises to: 

  • Offer compensation and benefits which are competitive within our industry;

  • To provide opportunities for individual growth and assist employees in realizing their potential by providing comprehensive training, development and promotional opportunities;

  • Provide full compliance with all laws with regards to non-discrimination, harassment on the grounds of race, ancestry, national origin, color, ethnic origin, citizenship, creed, sex, sexual orientation, disability or age;

  • To provide safe and secure work facilities and conditions with the objective of safeguarding the health and general well-being of our employees;

  • To require all of our employees to maintain safe and effective work practices, including observing all legislated health and safety requirements.

Community Commitment

Gannon & Scott appreciates the trust that its customers and communities place in the company to operate safe, clean and reliable facilities. In addition to focusing on business goals, Gannon & Scott has committed itself to being an active member of the community. As such, it is very important to us to have a relationship with the broader community and to use our skills and creative energy to make a difference where we can.

Our commitment to the community is as follows:

  • To support appropriate civic, community, educational and charitable organizations;

  • To respect the environment;

  • To encourage Gannon & Scott employees to practice good citizenship and support community activities;

  • To act as a strong proponent of economic and community development.