Marking One Century of Precious Metals Refining Success

Published 01/15/2019

Gannon & Scott Marks One Century of Precious Metals Refining Success

CRANSTON, RI (February 11, 2019) –This year Gannon & Scott celebrates 100 years of success in the precious metals refining business. “Without a doubt, the cornerstone of our success and longevity depends on customers who are committed to quality -- not just in terms of returns on refining, but also in processes and relationships,” said President Chris Jones. “Our customers drive our determination to go above and beyond their expectations.”

            Beginning in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1919, the company built its success on relationships, reclaiming gold and silver for jewelry manufacturers and silversmiths. Today Gannon & Scott offers a wide range of metals refining and assaying services from East and West Coast processing facilities, and in addition to jewelry, serves customers in electronics and industrial manufacturing, plating and surface finishing, defense, aerospace, medical and e-waste recycling.

            Jones observes that while business still depends on personal relationships, transparency, integrity and regulatory compliance are more important than ever. “That means it’s crucial that refiners have the right processes, procedures and controls to handle customer materials responsibly.”

            Gannon & Scott prides itself on environmental leadership, sustainability and responsible precious metal reclamation. The company designed its TRu3TecTM thermal reduction system, which accepts a highly diverse and ever-changing stream of materials, and supports it with one of the most advanced environmental control systems in the industry. 

Both its Cranston, Rhode Island, and Phoenix, Arizona, processing plants are zero-discharge facilities, and the Cranston headquarters features over an acre of solar panels which generate enough energy to power 60 homes.

            Gannon & Scott supports all forms of PM recycling, from jewelry to electronic wastes. Over the years, the company has supported the Manufacturing Jeweler & Suppliers of America (MJSA), and played leadership roles in both the International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and the Precious Metals Association of North America (PMA) where it is a charter member.

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