Plant Engineer Opening

Gannon & Scott, Inc. has an opening for a Plant Engineer at its Phoenix, AZ facility. 


Responsible for the day-to-day support and execution of engineering projects,

supervision of the maintenance department, and production assistance assignments. 


If interested in the position, please email your resume/CV  to



Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Project management, direction, coordination, and control.
  2. Ensure plant layouts and P&IDs are accurate and up to date.
  3. Utilize CAD or suitable design/drafting equipment and software to develop designs.
  4. Utilize knowledge of sound engineering practices to design systems and drawings.
  5. Define and submit proposals for capital improvements.
  6. Maintain flexibility to handle several tasks concurrently and ensure that each is progressing.
  7. Oversee and develop plans and tasking for Plant Maintenance.
  8. Maintain Preventive Maintenance program.
  9. Specify and purchase parts and equipment.
  10. Plan, coordinate and oversee equipment repairs and projects. Qualify and manage contractors when necessary.
  11. Drive process improvement and continuous improvement.
  12. Assist in maintaining safety and environmental programs and compliance.
  13. Work safely and help to ensure the safety of everyone on the site.
  14. May be required to follow other job-related instructions and to perform other job-related duties as requested, subject to all applicable state and federal laws.


Position Requirements:

  1. BS in Engineering or equivalent degree program.
  2. Experience in manufacturing/operational environment.
  3. General knowledge of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, and associated equipment.
  4. Strong computer skills utilizing MS Office products
  5. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively with other Team Members and leadership.
  6. Demonstrated strong technical skills and understanding of engineering concepts.
  7. Demonstrated experience developing tasks with project execution experience desired
  8. Meet other specified job requirements.



Work Environment

  1. Environmental exposure: elevated temperature
  2. Work in a moderately noisy environment.
  3. Work on a variety of floor surfaces, including tile and concrete.
  4. May be exposed to cleaning or other commercial chemicals, dust, and other related substances.


Other Requirements:

  1. Must be 18 years or older and work a maximum of 12 hours per day.
  2. Stand and walk for extended periods of up to 4 hours without a break.
  3. Bend and stoop to grasp objects.
  4. Bend and lift loads regularly not to exceed 20 pounds, and on occasion up to 40 pounds, unassisted.
  5. Frequent repetitive motion with hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders, frequent twisting at the waist.
  6. Ability to perform the job by repetitive use of right and left hands for simple grasping, power grasping, pushing and pulling, and fine manipulation. While exact time may vary for each task, constant use may be anywhere from one hour to three hours.
  7. Must be able to consistently bend and twist neck and waist, reach above and below shoulders, and squat during a work shift.
  8. Must be able to lift and carry loads up to 10 pounds regularly and 11-30 pounds intermittently during the course of the work shift. Distance to carry loads may range from 1-50 feet.
  9. Must be able to wear the required tight-fitting respirator for this position when in the plant.                     
  10. Demonstrated proficiency in the proper use of all related equipment.
  11. Able to visually examine reports both on paper and on computer screens.


Benefits Provided


Maintenance Mechanic Opening

Gannon & Scott, Inc. has an opening for a Maintenance Mechanic in our Cranston, RI facility. 


Responsible for performing safe and efficient maintenance and repairs on a range of industrial process equipment and systems.

Majority of work performed in operational environment.

Also support facility maintenance for 130,000 ft2 of production and office space.


If interested in the position, please email


Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Support operations with maintenance and troubleshooting skills for all equipment, including (but not limited to) three-phase electrical controls, hydraulic, pneumatic, & vacuum systems, natural gas-fired burners, pumps and plumbing systems, miscellaneous blowers, and fans ranging in sizes up to 250 hp, wet scrubbing equipment, and insulating materials.

2. Demonstrate the ability to diagnose/repair problems with various fluid transfer pumps.

3. Carry out plumbing repairs to existing piping & possess the ability to install basic plumbing systems.

4. Perform prescribed regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on machinery.

5. Safely diagnose & troubleshoot electrical issues using multimeters, wiring diagrams, and schematics.

6. Welding and fabrication using stick welder, MIG welder, plasma torch, and oxy-acetylene torch.

7. General facility repairs and maintenance.

8. Maintain good work area housekeeping practices and follow safety procedures.

9. The employee may be required to follow other job-related instructions and to perform other job-related duties as requested, subject to all applicable state and federal laws.

Other Requirements:

1. Must be skilled in industrial equipment repair.

2. Ability to follow instructions and established uniform procedures related to duties and responsibilities.

3. Ability to perform simple math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

4. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate/work effectively with other team members.

5. Ability to maintain professional and appropriate conduct while carrying out duties in a timely manner.

6. Good working knowledge of and adherence to all relevant policies, company mission, and standards.

7. Provides ideas & suggestions that contribute to team growth and/or improve work environment.

8. Meet other specified job requirements.


Benefits Provided