Molten Metal Pouring From Foundry Casting System At Refinery

Our Foundry 

Gannon & Scott combines our unmatched industry experience with state-of-the-art technology to ensure you receive the highest possible yields from your precious metals.

We can accommodate lots big and small, from 10 pounds to 1-ton electric induction melting furnaces, ensuring your metals are processed both consistently and efficiently.

When combined with our proprietary casting system that reduces loss during the pouring operation, Gannon & Scott meets any business's fundamental needs: minimizing costs and fees while maximizing profit and return.



Types of Metal Processed:

  • Jewelry Scrap

  • Electronic Scrap

  • Dental Scrap

  • Industrial Scrap

  • Cathodes

  • Plating Scrap



Induction Melting in Process

This footage is from our smaller pop-up induction furnace. 

It provides an excellent presentation of why we only use Induction furnaces and not gas. It not only is an energy saver (thanks to our solar panels) it also mixes the metal due to the electro-magnetic waves. You can visually see the eddy currents churning the metal.

Why is that important?

That mixing creates a homogenous mix giving you the most accurate sample possible.

Another reason we say, recover more, worry less.



Do you have questions like;

"When do you sample a melt?"

"How do you sample?"

"What should I look out for?"


Click on this link to see more videos answering those questions and many more. 


Melt Videos