Over 100 years ago, Gannon & Scott was born to serve the New England jewelry industry. Our first location was centered in the heart of jewelry manufacturing, located in Providence, Rhode Island.

Technology and jewelry trends may have changed over those years, but our commitment to this industry is as strong as ever.

Karat Jewelry Melt Timelapse (pop-up furnace)

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Induction Melting


Pollution Control White Paper

Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Precious Metal Recovery

This white paper discusses how Gannon & Scott is advancing PM recovery with a thermal reduction system that uses a state-of-the-art pollution control process.

Please read about how our extensive pollution control system protects the environment and you.


Tru3Tec Sustainability White Paper

Maximize Your Returns & Protect the Environment

With unmatched industry experience and state-of-the-art technology, Gannon & Scott applies precision techniques to get you the highest possible yields.

  • Induction Melting - Karat Gold, Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium
    • Induction furnaces provide homogeneous melts and highly accurate samples
    • Capacity to perform 10lbs to 1-ton melts
  • Thermal Reduction
    • Exceptionally high-capacity
    • quick turnarounds for your factory sweeps, filters, rags, wipes, polishing wheels
    • proprietary milling process increases your yields
  • Certified Destruction
    • Destroy obsolete inventory, off-spec items
    • Packaged Products with precious metal recovery
  • Chemical Processing
    • Stone removal & precious metal recovery
    • Plating and bombing solution refined in an environmentally safe facility
    • Cyanide Stripping processes for Gold Plated Jewelry Scrap
  • Analysis
    • ISO Certified Lab
    • Fire Assay performed for all lots
    • ICP Multi-Element Analysis
    • Gravimetric Analysis
    • Atomic Absorption Analysis
    • Volumetric Analysis
  • Transportation Assistance
    • Coast to Coast "Hazardous Milk-Runs"
    • Local Pickups
    • Manifest & B.O.L. preparation
    • Labels and other shipping materials can be provided.

Industry-Leading Jewelers Trust Gannon & Scott

Why do prestigious jewelry companies trust us with their precious metal refining?

We’ve earned their trust through decades of transparency, professionalism, and maximized returns.

  • Full precious metal recovery
  • Highly attentive customer service
  • Our Corporate Policy reflects the commitment to responsible metal sourcing
  • 24-hour security system and vault to safeguard your materials
  • All facilities operate as "zero-discharge"