Success in the Electronics Scrap industry requires extensive product knowledge and having a trusted partner who can reclaim your precious metals.

At Gannon & Scott, we have been providing electronic scrap collectors with accurate and timely returns since the dawn of the industry.



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Electronic - E-scrap being recycled at metals refining company in the USA

We do not shred/sample. We process 100% of your E-Scrap, giving you the most accurate return. To read more about the differences, click on this blog post. 

Pitfalls of Shred-Sampling


Please read about how our extensive pollution control system protects the environment and you.

Tru3Tec Sustainability White Paper

Maximize Your Returns & Protect Your Customers

With unmatched industry experience and state-of-the-art technology, Gannon & Scott applies precision techniques to get you the highest possible yields, ethically and responsibly. 

  • Induction melting - Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium
    • Induction furnaces provide homogeneous melts and highly accurate samples
    • Ideal for Metallic Scrap
  • Thermal Reduction
    • Exceptionally high-capacity 
    • Ceramic Chips, Electronics with precious metals and plastics
    • Obsolete Inventory, Off-spec items
  • Chemical Processing
    • Cyanide stripping of plated parts
  • Certified Destruction
    • The Thermal Reduction process turns your I.P. into a fine ash
    • Destroy obsolete inventory, end-of-life electronics, off-spec items
  • Analysis
    • ISO Certified Lab
    • Fire Assay performed for all lots
    • ICP Multi-Element Analysis
    • Gravimetric Analysis
    • Atomic Absorption Analysis
    • Volumetric Analysis
  • Transportation Assistance
    • Coast to Coast "Hazardous Milk-Runs"
    • Local Pickups
    • Manifest & B.O.L. preparation
    • Labels and other shipping materials can be provided.




Industry-Leading Companies Trust Gannon & Scott

Why do prestigious electronics and semiconductor companies across the USA trust us with their precious metal refining? 

We’ve earned their trust through decades of transparency, professionalism, and maximized returns.

  • Full precious metal recovery
  • Highly attentive customer service 
  • Our Corporate Policy reflects the commitment to responsible metal sourcing
  • 24-hour security system and vault to safeguard your materials
  • All facilities operate as "zero-discharge"