Sullivan Sampling Precious Metal Cyanide Solution

Chemical Processing

Gannon & Scott offers industry-leading expertise in recovering precious metals from plating solutions that keep your bottom line in mind.

We use various methods to meet your needs, including precipitation, reverse plating, and ion exchange processes. Modern cyanide stripping allows us to efficiently process large quantities of gold-plated material, giving you the highest return possible.

Also, we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. All of our facilities maintain a zero-discharge status while upholding the highest safe-handling procedures.

Gannon & Scott recovers more while ensuring your peace of mind.


We process a variety of materials to meet your needs! 

  • Vacuum Deposition Shield Kits
  • Plated Parts Stripping
  • Plating Solutions
  • Strip Solutions
  • Etching Solutions
  • PGM Solutions
  • Acid Solutions

Our versatility makes us the go to choice among chemical processing - metals recovery companies in the USA.




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