Shipping your precious metals does not have to be on your "to-do list." Our staff of logistics experts is here to assist you with any transportation needs you may have.

From small non-regulated shipments to large precious metal-bearing hazardous waste, we have the answer.

Let us take the worry out for you.



We provide you with:

  • Competitive Transportation rates
  • Hazardous Waste "milk-run" in all continental U.S. states
  • Paperwork preparation: Manifests, B.O.L.'s
  • Shipping Supplies: Containers and proper labels (regulated & non-regulated)


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          Logistics expert Christina Rodrigues - Precious metals - hazardous waste transportation & shipping

Customer Service, Inside Sales, & Logistics Coordinator



Arizona Adopts the EPA's New Solid Waste Definition

Could It Positively Impact How You Ship Your Hazardous?

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Solid Waste Definition



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