On April 9, 2016 employees of Gannon & Scott’s, Phoenix Arizona plant participated in the Warrior Dash, a 5K Run and Obstacle Course held in Glendale Arizona.

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The team participated in the run as St Jude Warriors for the purpose of raising money and awareness for the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Ninety percent of the plant participated in the run along with some friends and family.

Everyone completed the course thanks to some teamwork, mutual encouragement and a great group of folks that came out to cheer us on.

Would always like for it to have been more but our team was very happy to hear that out of the entire event our group had raised the most money for St Jude’s.

It was relayed to us that the plan for a portion of the money raised was going to be used for some of the “No More Chemo Celebrations”.

This was our first year participating in this event and not only was it for a great cause but everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge of conquering the course.

It was great that both our President and CEO were able to join our team and complete the course with us.

While this was a non-completive wave the fastest time in our group went to Ramsey at just around 28 minutes.

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Warrior DashWarrior DashWarrior Dash