CRANSTON, Rhode Island– Gannon & Scott (33 Kenney Drive, Cranston, RI) has amplified its commitment to renewable energy by installing a new array of ground-mounted solar panels at their Rhode Island offices.

This is not the first time Gannon & Scott, with metal refineries in Rhode Island and Arizona, has updated their locations with alternative energy resources. In 2014, the Cranston, RI headquarters installed a 1,375-panel direct-to-grid renewable energy system. In 2022, they experienced a record high of 471,750 kWh.

In 2023, Gannon & Scott continued those efforts with their new 256-panel array, each of which can produce over 30% more power thanks to advances in solar technology. This additional array brings the total site production to nearly 600,000 kWh/year

“With our customers, our goal is to get the highest yield on their precious metal returns while eliminating as much waste as we can, says Joe Peixoto, CEO at Gannon & Scott. “We’ve taken that same mindset and applied it to our facilities. It’s our goal to be as efficient as possible. Solar is the future of energy, and we’re proud to invest now to benefit our company, customers, and environment.”

Solar energy is a growing effort for Gannon & Scott’s sustainability efforts. Gannon & Scott was first awarded the Green Manufacturing Award by Providence Business News in 2014 and has since used the recognition as a catalyst to strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility efforts.

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