Effective Friday March 20, 2015 Gannon & Scott adopted the new “LBMA Gold Prices” for settlement of refining lots that contain gold.

The new daily gold price benchmarks replaces the long-standing “London Gold Fixes” benchmark prices and will be administered by ICA Benchmark Administration. Please accept this notice as the formal notification that all Gannon & Scott Rates & Terms issued with the market of “London Gold PM Fix” will migrate to the new “LBMA Gold Price PM”, effective March 20, 2015.

As with the migration to the new “London Silver Price” , the migration to the new "LBMA Gold Prices" was completely seamless and transparent. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Sales Representative or our Customer Service Dept. at (401) 463-5550.

Please visit the LBMA website for additional details concerning the new "LBMA Gold Prices" by clicking here