Gannon & Scott is pleased to congratulate Donna Kiesel on recently being acknowledged for her tireless dedication to the New England Chapter of International Precious Metals Institute (IPMI) and, specifically, to the annual Jewelry Design Award competition.

Since 1997, Donna has devoted many hours to organizing, running and securing funds for the New England IPMI to recognize worthy college students focused on designing and creating wearable jewelry pieces. Donna was one of the key New England IMPI Chapter board members responsible for the significant growth this program has achieved in the past 13 years.

During this year’s 25th annual award ceremony held in May, the students weren’t the only attendees who were honored for their achievements. In addition to a record number of awards, scholarships and support for Jewelry Design programs at New England colleges and universities made by the NE IPMI, Donna Kiesel was presented with a Certificate of Silver Membership by Christopher Jones, Chairman of the National Chapter of the IPMI. This is a special membership category awarded to individual members who have made significant contributions to the IPMI’s growth and to those deserving of special recognition. Donna certainly fits both of those criteria.

Congratulations on a job well done!