Phoenix, Arizona (March 20, 2024) – Gannon & Scott, a leading provider in precious metals refining and recovery, is pleased to announce the recent addition of Erik Ortiz to its team as a Solution Technician.

Erik Ortiz, a seasoned professional with a background in the United States Army, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to Gannon & Scott. In joining the company, Erik was drawn to the friendly and cohesive work environment that Gannon & Scott is known for.

"I was drawn to Gannon & Scott's friendly and cohesive work environment," said Erik Ortiz. "After my service in the United States Army, I sought a workplace where I could continue contributing to a team-oriented culture, and Gannon & Scott offered the perfect fit."

Octavio, the Operations Manager at Gannon & Scott, and Erik's proud father, expressed his enthusiasm about Erik joining the team: 

"Having the opportunity to work alongside my son is truly special, and I look forward to witnessing firsthand how his skills and dedication will add to such a great team."

Erik's commitment to service extends beyond his military background, as he expresses enthusiasm for collaborating and gaining knowledge within the company. His day-to-day responsibilities will involve working closely with the customer solutions team, ensuring the steady production flow that Gannon & Scott is recognized for.


About Gannon & Scott:

Gannon & Scott is a leading precious metals refiner and provider of advanced materials processing services. The company specializes in the recovery of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium from a wide range of industrial and consumer materials, including electronic scrap, jewelry, and dental alloys. Founded in 1919, Gannon & Scott is headquartered in Rhode Island and serves customers throughout North America and beyond.



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