After 30 years of service with Gannon & Scott, RoseMarie Fontaine retired from Gannon & Scott in May 2016.

Rose’s role at Gannon & Scott had always been a senior level Information Technology professional and during her tenure she had certainly seen many changes. In fact, when Rose started with the company it was to manage our very first terminal based computer system that the company was migrating to from a paper based system. Back in those days when PC’s were predicted to be a fad and there was no such thing as the internet, we were operating a climate controlled, high security, 200 square foot dedicated server and printer room. Data storage was on reel to reel magnetic tape and servers were the size of refrigerators. Pin feed dot matrix printers were so loud that they needed to be in their own sound and vibration enclosures. Rose was instrumental in the development and support of the Company’s proprietary core systems of record that support all aspects of the refining business. In addition, Rose had primary responsibility for several mission critical vendor systems, including our accounting, phone and sales team systems.


Rose’s in-depth understanding of our business processes, coupled with her trouble-shooting and problem-solving skills were invaluable in ensuring that the information systems ran smoothly.

As is the tradition in our IT department, Rose excelled at providing superior customer service to all of her internal customers. Leading up to Rose’s retirement she worked on passing the torch by training and mentoring Paige Jones to take over the position.

Rose’s plans for retirement include devoting more time to her favorite charity The imPOSSIBLE Dream. An avid golfer, Rose plans to further honing her game during retirement. As she is planning on remaining a resident of Rhode Island, we at Gannon & Scott are hopeful that Rose will take some time, from what we expect to be a busy schedule, to stop in and visit with us bringing that warm smile and sharp wit that we are all sure to miss.

Her work family at Gannon & Scott wishes Rose all the best retirement has to offer and thank her immensely for her many years of dedicated service.